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Are You Overpaying For Shipping?
Why Pay Parcel Shipping Carriers More Than You Have To?

Parcel carriers often make mistakes. A parcel audit is a win-win for all companies who ship daily. If your company is paying for late, lost or innacurate deliveries, we can show that you're eligible for a refund. Understand, that just like utility audits companies often overpay on shipping costs losing thousands to hundreds of thousands per year.

With returns as high as 6%, it only makes sense to get your free parcel shipping audit and put those refunds to use.

Sumerlan carefully audits through every parcel invoice and fights for the shipping refunds you deserve for your parcel shipments. We are a "performance based" parcel audit firm. This means that if we don't save you any money on your shipping, there's nothing to pay.

The best audit firms like Sumerlan have invested heavily in technology dedicated to helping our clients receive refunds from their shipping carriers and utility companies. We offer you the opportunity to optimize your shipping process and further reduce costs.

Getting you a refund is simple. The real work is to continue to show you savings with new and innovative parcel shipping processes. Like when you should use a ground shipping service vs. air carrier. Sumerlan can begin your parcel audit within minutes and with no out of pocket exepenses for you - its a zero risk opportunity to recover shipping costs.

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Start saving on parcel shipping today!

Once Sumerlan has completed the parcel auditing process, your shipping company will directly issue to you the parcel shipping refunds we've worked hard auditing for you.