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Sumerlan Utility Bill Management

At Sumerlan, we pride ourselves on our approach to reducing your utility costs using a performance based audit model... read more

Sumerlan Utility Bill Auditing

Our audit process is simple ans straightforward. The results are simply more

Parcel Shipping Auditing

Stop overpaying for late, inaccurate or missing parcels and claim your refund read more

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We receive testimonials about our parcel and utility audit services and am sharing them with you here

Welcome to Sumerlan Management, Inc. Your Home for Utility Bill Savings

Sumerlan is a premier utility bill auditing company. Our team has been saving companies money on their utility bills for over 20 years. We have worked with thousands of businesses over that time and we have literally saved them millions of dollars. Our primary focus is assisting businesses in the identification and capture of savings on their utility bills, I.E. electric bills, natural gas bills, telecom bills, water/sewer and other fuel bills.

We invite your business to investigate our services further and find out if you too can save money on your utility bills

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Refund Recovery

Utility Bill Overcharge Recovery
Let our utility bill auditors help your company identify over-payments and monthly savings on your next utility bill. The refunds we find are often in the thousands of dollars; a few hundred dollars in overpayments every month can really add up.

Monthly Savings

Utility Bill Usage and Rate Analysis
Understanding your monthly charges and the right tariff charges that apply is key to ensuring that your company is paying the least amount possible for on your utilities. Let Sumerlan's expert auditors navigate these often confusing tariffs for you.

Performanced Based

No Out-Of-Pocket Cost To You
It's Simple: We get paid out of the savings we provide. If there are no savings, we do not get paid. However, we find that three out of five companies we work with save money. What we provide is truly a risk-free proposition that will benfit you for years to come.

A Simple Process

Because Your Time is Valuable
A short meeting on the phone or in person and a copy of your most recent utility bills are all we need in order to get started. Additional data needed can be obtained from your utility providers. Within a short week we will get back to you with our findings.

Let Our Friendly Staff Help You Start Recovering Your Utility Expense Losses Today

When we save our clients money on their utility bills, that is money that can be used immediately and put right back into your business. Don't spend money to save money when there is money to be found right on your bills.